Have you ever lost any of you hard work? I remember back in the mid-1990’s handing over a floppy disc to the IT department of Plymouth University. This disc contained an essay that had taken me the best part of two days to research and write. Imagine my shock and horror when I noted that the woman behind the counter. Instead of putting the disc into the drive to read and printed out. Was actually formatting my discs and erasing all of my hard graft from the past two days and to make things worse the deadline for submission was the very next day.

Damn now I would have to sit up all night wracking my brains to try and remember what I had written before and get the job done in time for the morning. Not my happiest day or evening.

As bad as that experience was it pails into insignificance when compared with losing a whole website. What would you feel like if all of your hard work was washed down the drain by hackers or any other web disaster? That is why I am sure you will agree you need to clone your blog ASAP.<<< CLICK HERE>>>

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It is not only the case that you will only wish to clone your WordPress blog to protect it. A very good use of your wp duplicator is to make a wp clone of your blog setup not only saving valuable time but also allowing you to use themes that you may only have access to one time on many websites, by cloning the setup and then adding your content. Just imagine saving hours of adding different wp plugins and altering other settings so let wp clone be your backup buddy. Forget the need for a WordPress duplicator tutorial.

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