WordPress On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



WordPress SEO for the best free solution to WordPress Search Engine Optimization I would recommend the use of the plugin SEO Yeost . You can download a free version of the plugin from the plug in page accessed via the menu on the left of the WordPress dashboard.


Why do we need WordPress Search Engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is vital for getting FREE traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others because, the search engines are looking for the most relevant answers to the searches people have entered into there search bars.

To this end our Blog post and all other online writing like webpages and even comments are analyzed by the Big search Engines and electronically  compared to the respective companies Algorithm.  These algorithms are only fully understood by a few persons of privilege in each of the search engine companies.

However there are a few metrics that are common to all and these are the kind that will not change over time.

One such metric is the use of keywords to identify the subject of  a post or page.  The search providers know that for a post or page to be most relevant to there readers query it will most likely conform to a given keyword density. Articles containing the right keyword density will score points with the search providers for relevance to that keyword and be more likely to show in a higher position in the search results when some enters the particular keyword search.

Headings and tags

Heading and tags are also important in ranking a page the correct use of these make the post or page more readable, and this another consideration of the google and the other search providers.  All they really wnat to do is to provide the best experience for their searcher, because by doing so they will maintain there good reputation. By maintaining a good reputation for accurate searches.  The given search engine will encourage  people to use it’s service more and more, and by this action maintain it’s position, and respect among companies and individuals who use tier  paid advertising.  As these paying customers  are the search engines bread and butter.

Why SEO  By Yeost?

SEO by Yeost is a in the opinion of many WordPress blog owners the best free SEO system out there. It will automatically check your posts and pages for all of the above and more.  Plus SEO by Yeost will do this for FREE. There are some paid feature available for this plug in, however I have never found that I have need to use them.