Warrior Forum Special Offers – WSO’s

Warrior Forum Special Offers (WSO’). What are they and why should you even care?

Warrior Forum Special Offer Page

Warrior Forum Special Offer Page

The Warrior Forum Special Offer section.

The Warrior Forum Special Offer section (WSO) is essentially a platform where Internet Marketers can launch and advertisenew products.

In order to place a WSO the poster must.

  • Be a member of the War Room ( Warrior Forum paid member at $37.00 for lifetime membership)
  • The seller may list other products within their sales funnel. For instance OTO’s which equates to One Time Offers (please see my post on Sales Funnels for clarification)
  •  All front end products must be brand new products. Not rehashed Private Label Rights Products (PLR).
  • The Products being launched must be offered at the cheapest price to members of the Warrior Forum
  •  All WSOs Must Comply With Forum Rules, US Laws, and the Laws of the sellers Location.
  • The Seller may not sell any product as a WSO that endorses, enables, or facilitates the sending of unsolicited bulk messages via email, private messaging systems, or other channels meant for one-to-one communication, or the spamming of forums, blogs, chat systems, or social networking sites.

How to make the Warrior Forum Special Offer Section work for you:

  • Learn all you can about the forum, and product creation (see my post on product creation CLICK HERE!!)
  • Join the Warrior Forum.
  • Join the War Room. You must do this to be able to set up a WSO. The quicker you do this the better as you will be taken more seriously by most folks with “War Room Member” net to your name, and there is also some very sound advice, and Free helpful downloads within the War Room Area.
  • Start making and replying to posts on the forum. Make sure your posts are of value to the community (don’t spam)
  • Work hard. Do your research, find a hot product (I can help here!)
  • Create your Product. Ask advise from your contacts. Get it Proof read if it is a written product like an e-book.
  • Design or get designed a good sales page (with maybe a product video).
  • Find people whom you can work with as JV’s (Joint Venture Partners)
  • Give out some Free evaluation copies of your product to JV’s and friends on the forum (this will help with getting some great reviews posted before you even launch your product.)
  • Plan well ahead of the launch and have a per-launch strategy.
  • Build your Sales Funnel (see my Sales Funnel Post Here!)
  • Post like mad everywhere you can. Use Social Bookmarking, write on your blog. Talk about it to your friends on Skype and any other media at your disposal.

Once all of the above is done get very exited indeed…… For a Free video showing how any one can profit massively from their first WSO Click Here!