Welcome back to my Blog about my Internet Marketing Journey

So you have carefully considered the subject for your blog. Maybe it is something close to your heart.  A crusade you feel you can champion, or it could be interest or hobby that you have knowledge on that you would like to pass on to others.

There are almost as many blog ideas as there are people.

And here it is your opportunity to talk to the world. Your own newspaper, or magazine on the internet. This can be as big or small as you want it to be. Later in this blog I will cover ways to get traffic to your very own publication. You can use it to promote good causes, and generate an income for yourself and family, or even the local cat’s and dog’s home if that is you intention.

You're on you way to Blog Stardome!

You’re on you way to Blog Stardome!

The Sky Really is the Limit with a well written Optimised Blog.

I will cover all that you need to know on the optimisation side of things in future posts, but for now let us start at the beginning.

First we Need to chose a platform for our Blog

Ok so what do I mean by “platform”.  Well all blog or websites need to have structure much like your favorite newspaper needs to have form and be produced somewhere. There are many platforms out there, but one we are going to discuss here is WordPress (the platform upon which this blog sits)

So Why WordPress?

WordPress is probably one of the most widely used platforms for blog building today, and this is for many good reasons. Not least of which is the fact that wordpress is very user friendly, and offers hundreds of very helpful bits of software known as  “Plugins” Themes,” Widgets” (don’t worry about these now we will cover them later, and they don’t bite!)  Wordpress also offers lots of other tools and menus to make life that much easier for us budding bloggers. And the best bit is that most of this is TOTALLY FREE. I like that word. Don’t we all?                                            

wp plugin

Friendly plugin’s make bloggers life easier!

More about Plugin’s,Themes, widgets and Menus in another post.

Now we have decided that WordPress is the platform that we are going to use. Let us take a look at what we need to do next…

In order for our wordpress blog to show up on the internet it will require two things. First a name so that it can be identified and reached by surfers. This is known as a domain name and once you have decided what to call your new blog you will need to check that no one has already registered the domain name., and further to this stake your claim to the particular Domain Name by registering it with one of the Domain registrars on the internet.

You can register the name for as many years as you like and you will need to pick what is known as a domain extention to go on the end of it i.e “.com”,”.net”,”.org” “.co.uk” etc…. A word on extensions it is generally considered that either “.com” “.net” or “.org” are the best for search engine optimisation……….. More about this in later posts. One of the most reliable and easy to use and cheap registrars is www.Namecheap.com

It is generally considered best to register a domain name for a least two years from the outset. This is said to be 1. because the Google Algorithm is set to favor domains that look as if they mean business by protecting the brand for at least this amount of time (I like everyone else don’t know how much truth is in this , but better safe than sorry!) 2. It is nice to know that your brand is secure at least for one more year, and anyway the price may go up next year if so you have made a saving.

Now you have a name registered for your wordpress blog it will need somewhere to live. In short hosting is required for your new blog. You need a cheap reliable hosting company with great customer service. I have used hostgator.com for the last eight years and they have always lived up to my expectations.  They are quick to sort out any problems (usually out of my own naivety) are very reasonable at > $10.00 per month for the Baby Package which has unlimited bandwidth (you can put up as many blogs/website as you like for ten bucks!!). I cannot recommend www.Hostgator.com highly enough for this task.

Congratulations it’s now time to set up your new website.

Ok head over to Hostgator.com if you have not done so yet and signup for the “baby” package. Once this is done you will get an email from hostgator with all of your details inside. Please save this somewhere safe. I have made a copy by copy and paste and have it on a Word document as a backup.

Once you have the email you will need to head back over to Namecheap and point the “nameservers” to hostgator….Please see video Here…

  Below is a video showing how to set up wordpress at Hostgator.com

So plenty to do for now See you in the next post Dennis……………………………………..