Product Creation for Internet Marketing Products

So product creation, what about it? The best way to make a living from Internet Marketing in my opinion is to own your own branded information, or automation products. this makes you the master, or mistress of your own destiny.

By owning your own products you are starting to build a strong brand, and are plotting your course to financial freedom. More about brands in another post…

So how do we even get started building our own successful information products?

Research is the answer and thorough research at that.  Having said that researching the market for our Internet Marketing Products need not be an onerous task.  In Fact it can be quite fun, and if you follow my guidelines laid out below not that difficult either.

Product creation finding your niche and sub niche

Product Creation Research Part 1.

OK so that’s the first step, but how do we go about starting our research?

Fortunately as the Internet is such a transparent entity there are lots of places that we can look to trace the clues left by the success of others. I will share with you my favorite hunting grounds here!

First lets take a look at the warrior Forum and in particular the WSO Section where we can find quite a few product launches, and will be able to start answering some of the above  aims. Here is the link to the WSO forum page.

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Right now you have checked out the WSO Page the next stage of our research will be to visit the Warrior + Plus page where we can get even more detailed information and drill down further into our the niches on display….

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To visit Warrior Plus CLICK HERE!!

Another very valuable site to visit is JV ZOO. We will look at JV ZOO below. This is a platform upon which we can launch products that are not necessarily totally original…..


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The last site that we are going to look at in this post on product creation is the grand daddy of them all Clickbank. We will be using CBengine


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 CLICK HERE to go to CBEngine!!

See you in another post bye for now Dennis….. For a Free Warrior Special Offer case study.CLICK HERE!!!