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New content and it’s  importance for your blog.

So why do we need new content?

Primarily new content is the lifeblood of any blog, website or other web based form of communication. After all we all need to maximize our visitor numbers, and in order to do this we need to not only have engaging and interesting content. In order to keep the search engines happy this content must be unique.
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The search engine giants such as Google have trained robots who are constantly patrolling the internet identifying content present on all sites and penalizing in the search engine rankings those who are deemed to be using duplicate content.

There are of course may ways to ensure that your site is displaying only unique content. As set out below.

  1. Write it yourself
  2. Hire a writer from , , where you can hire a writer at a reasonable rate. You may also  want to try advertising for a writer ( maybe a stay at home mom/English Grad’ on Craig’s List in any large city in the USA). Set your own terms.
  3. Go to article base or one of the other large article directories (you will have to give credit to the writers here and some times link back to the articles.
  4. Private Label Rights or (PLR) these are articles written by others that are sold with private label rights. This means that you can publish them as your own as they are or change them up as you feel fit. Here is one I like to use over at Easy PLR .com

Using any of the above sources is fine, however they do not give you total freedom within the scope of your articles. There is always a payback, be it time wise or financial. Therefore you need to maximize on you investment and get as much from each source as possible. This is where article spinning comes into it’s own.

Article Spinning and how it works.

So you have your base article. Would it not be great to generate an ultimate number of articles from this first daft. We could spend hours going through thesauruses finding synonyms and then working out how to fit them into our masterpieces. Not the best use of our valuable time (I’m sure you will agree).

OK so how do we make the most of our hard won copy?

Well the easiest solution I have found is to spin the copy to achieve at least a level of 30% uniqueness. The best way to achieve this in both my opinion and that of many of the top internet marketers today is to use the services of Spinrewriter . This has been continualy voted the top software for generating as much unique copy that also make perfect sense when read. Beware of cheap imitations that do not have the same built in word recognition that spinrewriter incorporates as standard. You can get you free trial of spinrewriter by Clicking  Here! Check it out now with no obligation.

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