How important is it to update with Local Directories for Local SEO?



How important is it to update with Local Directories for Local SEO?

Many businesses are not aware of quite how important it is to be both accurately listed and to be presenting consistent information across the major internet local directories. Such as g+, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, hot frog, business pages, and over 45 more sites.

The above sites supply general information to aggregator sites who collate information such as business name, business address and phone number. To attain a good score with Google this information must be correct across most if not all of the local sites. There are also other parameters taken into account like the number of business photo’s on each site and more… See our services <<<CLICK HERE>>>…

The Google algorithm calculates the businesses compliance in these areas by awarding points for the correctness of this information across all of the sites. The out come of these calculations along with the businesses Star reputation (please see post below..) to a large extent determine the business’s position in Local Search (get these two right and you may well find your listing in a great position on Google page1 for your chosen Key Words) <<<<GO HERE>>>>

Of course this is not the be all and end all of Local Search. SEO is also needed. However if you get all three right and have great website and offers. You can slash your Google pay Per Click cost to an absolute minimum. We at Peerless Web Marketing offer Total Local Search Optimisation solutions.

We take the sting out of trying to update all of the directories, and maintain the entries yourself, or by training up a staff member to handle this for you. Please feel free to contact us <<< HERE>>>

We also offer full competitively priced web design packages. Tailored to your companies needs plus Search Engine Optimisation Packages. Also full Reputation Management and repair Services (if you are currently in Review Hell at the moment. Fear not we can turn it around for you FAST….. and maintain it that way.

Are you paying out for PPC only to be wasting much of the traffic attracted to your site…. Either by not having the greatest web design or losing clients due to them not being grabbed by you lead sign up forms or other instruction on your web page.Video is the medium of the day the more you can help your guests with this medium the more your bottom line will increase.

Imagine being able to direct your visitor in the best direction for there interest by having one of our professional models, or even yourself pop up to guide them to where they need to go.

The above type of video funnel has been proven to increase website interaction by up to 3X. Do you suddenly see how much impact that can have on not only sales, but savings on advertising also……… <<<CHECK IT OUT HERE>>> 

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