The importance of a Positive Mental Attitude in Internet  Marketing.

Of course we must adopt a positive mental attitude to our work no matter where it is carried out. And internet work is not different. However it is very easy to lose sight of our objectives when we feel we have tried every strategy to get our work noticed, and nothing seems to be working.

Although we may have times when we feel that we should just pack it all in a go and stack shelves at TESCO, or in the USA maybe Walmart.  we need to remember the old couplet “What so ever the mind of man can conceive and truly believe a man can achieve” or by the same token a woman. These couplets were written a long time ago!

Below is “Think and Grow Rich” a very long but seminal video from in my opinion the greatest of all self help gurus Napoleon Hill. This video should be compulsory viewing for every young person during there senior education years. Irrespective of which type of senior education is offer in their country of origin. If this simple addition was made to the various curriculum’s in the opinion of the author of this piece. This world would be a much better and more harmonious place to live in.

Now over to the man himself the late great Napoleon Hill………..