Hosting The Importance Of Having Your Own Hosting.

Hosting is an important factor when building any web-site or blog and although there are a number of platforms that will offer free hosting. Such as blogger,  and even a hosted version of wordPress to name just three. Simple Google search will yield many more. There are pro’s and con’s to using a hosted blog.

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Pro’s for using Blogger (one of the popular platforms)

  1. Free to use. No hosting fees.
  2. No Domain name to buy (you can create a Blogger sub-domain for free)
  3. Newbie friendly interface
  4. Good web exposure (as supported by Google
  5. Easily monetized with Google Ad’s

Con’s for using Blogger platform.

1. Blogger Owns Your Blog Site
Google owns the site as it exercises control on what ads you are allowed to post on your blog site. With this ownership issue, a blogger should realize that whatever content that they post on Blogger could disappear if Google decides to close down the platform. Anyone who is using Blogger should backup their content because their blog site could be deleted by Google sometimes without notice to the blog site user.

2. Blogger Lacks the Plugins available on many self-hosted platforms.Another down side to using Blogger is the lack of professional plugins (available in abundance on other professional platforms) This tends to  limit both both functionality and style.

3. Template For Your Blog Site Are  Limited. As there are only a few templates available in Blogger and on many similar platform blogs hosted on these can look very uniform in nature and this can detract greatly from the professional standing of your site.

Are Blogger and other hosted platforms the way ahead for you? If you just want a personal diary where you can share your interests without really monetizing, then the Blogger platform and similar will suffice for this. However If you plan to develop your own brand or if you’re actually serious about building a business, we highly recommend that  you  use a self hosted WordPress blog and obtain your own domain Name and Hosting.