Why Facebook Advertising

OK so there are many places that we can advertise our business on the web. For many years now both Google and Yahoo and a host of other services have offered us contextual advertising. The old contextual advertising model of catching prospects as they search using a given keyword or keyword string still works very well. However Facebook ad’s can offer much more in the way of targeting people who have an interest or a need for your product, but are not actively searching for it a the moment.

Facebook holds so much data on it’s one billion plus subscribers that it becomes extremely easy to ¬†find groups of prospects who are in your target market. Facebook ad’s are also relatively inexpensive at the moment. It is still possible to get pay per click costs of around $0.20 to $0.30 per click.

Facebook ad’s also give you the opportunity to target users by using so called “native ad’s”. Native ad’s are ad’s that blend int the overall look and feel of the page that they are reading and can be incorporated into your prospects Facebook news feed. These posts look and feel to the user as if they are just another post.

If you chose this method of advertising there are a number of options you can employ for the type of post you intend to offer. You could use a featured video for example. However the general consensus of opinion is that a straight link with an attractive picture is generally the best type of post to use when you are starting out. The post should appear in your prospects news-feed and not the sidebar even though the cost is slightly more for this position.fbadpic