Utilizing the Power of Social Networks and the World Wide Web in Promoting Your Business


Social networking sites are now considered virtual homes for a lot of people. When they open their browser, one of the tabs would probably be for Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site. It is really amazing how these sites have turned into huge communities bringing people closer despite space and time barriers. This is precisely the reason businesses have incorporated social networking sites into their marketing strategies. They know that this platform is a perfect place for them to market their services to a lot of people.

This is how social media marketing was born. This refers to marketing techniques and strategies that involve the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus. Many businesses are now employing this kind of marketing and it has brilliantly worked for them. There is no denying the fact that social media marketing has become an integral part of any kind of marketing in today’s world. The effectiveness of this kind of marketing emanates from the strengths of social media sites themselves.




Social media sites make businesses more friendly and approachable in the eyes of customers. Marketing techniques often utilize interacting with customers on a personal level. Getting into social media sites is one way of doing so. Instead of presenting a certain company as an enterprise, social media sites would present it as a personality, making the business more relatable and easy to interact with. In essence, it is more about the kind of approach that it has towards customers, making you less of a business and more of a personality to interact with.

Also, this makes responses and feedback more efficient. There are several ways by which customers can send their feedback using these sites. They have features such as Wall posts, comments, instant messaging, likes, share, plus one, etc. These social media features make it easier for businesses to evaluate feedback and come up with necessary responses.


Potential Customers



As mentioned earlier, social media sites are huge communities. Millions of people worldwide use them everyday to have fun and communicate with one another. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for businesses to advertise their services and products. This is a tool they can use to reach out to several audiences without having to expend too much energy or resources. Once you have established a huge network on a social media site, any content that you share could easily go viral. One user could easily share content with a thousand other users, who can also share the content with another set of users.

This is what makes social media marketing effective — utilizing the power of social networks and the web to promote your business.