Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to My Blog……

So what is this Internet Marketing Blog all about?

Well I have been on-line for a good few years now and whilst I have a good deal of knowledge out the subject of Internet Marketing and have even made a little money here and there. It has taken me some time to get around to making a Personal Blog. Recording things I have learned, and am learning about Internet Marketing and blogging it’s self.

So this Blog will track my progress using some of the ideas I have accumulated over the past few years, and also those employed building and promoting this IM blog.

The aim is to provide a record of my progress that may act as a guide to people new to Internet Marketing and hopefully offer some ideas that the more experienced marketer may have missed or overlooked.

I will in the near future be launching a product that will make research for launching a Warrior Forum Special Offer very easy indeed (for an explanation of Warrior Forum Special Offers please Click Here to go my post on WSO) You can also grab a Free video case study of aWSO launch <<HERE>>

In the next section i will tell you a little about my background. So onwards and upwards.

Now a bit About Me

I live in a small seaside town in the English countryside. I love to travel and have visited  many countries including The USA, Canada, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Much of the European Continent, ie, france, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and much more..
I spent much of my formative years in South Africa, and have worked in Both Thailand and Spain teaching English as a Foreign Language.
I trained as an Engineer first with British Aerospace and later in the Royal Navy. Where I served for 12 years on HM Ships and Submarines.
During my time in the RN I traveled to many places, and was involved in the Falklands Conflict in 1982 when I was aboard HM Submarine Splendid for whole of the war. Returning to port in Plymouth England two days before Port Stanley was taken by the Royal Marines. The only reason for our return to port was the fact we were running our of supplies.

I have a keen interest in Language, and am fascinated by Internet Marketing and helping myself and others to improve strategies and push forward the boundaries of product production. I have a Bsc (Hons) in Social Policy with Sociology from Plymouth University, and have been engaged in a sale environment for most of the time since i left the Royal Navy.
university of plymouth


I am also learning to Play the Bass Guitar when I get the chance to have a pluck

Hofner Bass Like Mine!!

Hofner Bass Like Mine!!

My business Partner and myself are also starting to run regular Beatles weekend trips to Liverpool. You can take a look at the itinerary website HERE!!

I am currently promoting my product Sommelier’s Preference wine aerator on Amazon. co .uk > this product will soon be available on Amazon.com also. Thanks for reading  Dennis……………..








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