Autoresponder Do I Need One and What Do They Do?


OK so you have have heard about auto-responders  and think it may be a good idea to get one set up to help building your all important customer list.As you have no doubt heard the phrase “the money is in the list”, and this still rings true even in today’s  marketplace. There are number of options that you can take advantage of in the autoresponder marketplace, but more about that later in this post.

First let us look at how an autoresponder works and how they can be of use to us in our internet marketing quest. An autoresponder is basically just a fancy email account that give us the option to capture  the email addresses and certain other pre-selected information from our prospective customers. And then allow us to send them useful information and occasionally the odd super useful affiliate offer that you really believe in . In my opinion it is important only to promote  offers that you believe in and use or would use yourself. The hard won trust of our followers is very easy to lose and you owe it to them over deliver with great content and helpful value for money offers.

Building a Strong Customer List

There are many ways to start making use of you autoresponder, and building a strong list. You could of course start blogging about your chosen market. There are almost as many markets on the internet as there are people. So there is always a subject that you can blog about, and a ready audience for your offers and information. It is very useful here to pick a subject that you are passionate about. As you will be eager to share your accumulated knowledge, and writing regularly on the subject will not become tedious, or boring. Your enthusiasm will also be easily transferred to your audience if you are truly interested in the subject matter of the articles.

Once your blog is set up you will need to find a free offer to tempt your readers to sign up to your list. This can be a digital downloads, special report, or even a useful software. These offers can be comprised of many different formats. You could offer a free e-book on an aspect of  your chosen subject (moor on this later) There maybe a useful software you can source very cheaply and that will be of value to your readers.  You could of course record an audio training that your growing tribe of followers can download from your website. Failing these why not make a training video? You can then upload this to Youtube  as a private file and allow downloads from there. Alternatively you could buy Private Label Rights articles, E-books, and even software. By using PLR items you will save yourself a great deal of time writing your own content. Here Is a good source of PLR that I sometimes use. Also see my article on Article spinning content HERE!!!

But I’m Not a Technical Person? OK Read on……………….

Fortunately for us less technically minded individuals there are many ready made services easily available on the internet.  Lack of expertise in a particular field is no barrier to success, and there is a wealth of Free information at our finger tips. The likes of Google and the other search Engines such as Bing and Yahoo . If it is technical help that you need there are number of websites offering help at a prices that will not break the bank. In order to find help that will give you the ability to feed your autoresponder with offers to encourage sing ups. You may want to visit at fiverr you will find help with both technical and content writing concerns in the same place. Fiverr is a special Search Engine which allows you to contact sellers who are offering their services stating from just $5.00 per service or Gig as they call them.

So whether you need an article for your blog, a landing, or lead capture page set up for you offer. Even Search Engine Optimization to get you webpage indexed, and rising in the Search Engines. Fiverr is not a bad place to start.

So Which Autoresponder is right for your needs?

There are a good number of Autoresponders available on the internet. However the general consensus among internet marketers seems to be that Aweber is the most reliable. As it has the best record for deliver ability. It is no use having an Autoresponder with all of the whistles and bells if you communications end up in your followers spam, or junk bin. With many Autoresponders you first and most vital email will not find it’s way through your prospect spam filter system and be lost unless they check their spam/junk folder. This is just one more hurdle that will significantly reduce you sign ups and therefore give you a far lower return on investment. When you consider that each follower on your email list is said to be worth between $1.00 and $2.00 per month. Overtime this can amount in a huge loss in revenue.

See the Video Below to find out what Aweber’s Customers are saying…….

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I use Aweber myself and have always found the service to be most reliable. I have also used Getresponce  and many other marketers use the autoresponder in their businesses. Getresponce in my opinion is not quite as good in getting the initial message into your prospect main inbox. However this autoresponder is cheaper than Aweber and is still a very good way of getting your message to your followers. If you would like to make a comparison and try it for FREE CLICK HERE to see the Getresponce Offer.

Which ever autoresponder you chose waste no time on getting your campaigns off of the ground. Good luck in all of your internet endeavors. Dennis.